An anonymous source within the President’s inner circle revealed today that The National Park Service for the first time since it was completed in 1941, Mount Rushmore, in the beautiful black hills of South Dakota, is to honor four more presidents. However, the new sculptures will be carved out of the backside of the current location and instead of featuring the busts of four more great presidents, Mount Buttmore will feature the rear ends of four presidents that grate us the most. The competition was tough but they did reveal the four to be honored today and why:

4th, William…

Some bonds are never broken

By David Leonard

Thank goodness the privacy curtain blocked his daughter’s view of the doorway. Dave knew his wife had called the Priest, their daughter was not expected to live through the afternoon. In a daze he reluctantly arose from beside his daughter’s bed and stopped the Priest from entering her hospital room. He knew the Priest was likely a good man just doing his job, as requested, offering faith and peace in their time of need but Dave didn’t share their faith and he’d be damned if the Priest would administer the Last Rites while she still breathed. No…

Sentinels Of Souls

If only death were the end

By David Leonard

I’m telling you she’ll blow us both,” Devon told his buddy Tommy just before snorting one of two lines of coke he’d just meticulously chopped into powder with his debit card. He pinched his nostrils and tilted his head back so he wouldn’t sneeze just as the airborne blow slammed into his brain like a sucker punch from Muhammad Ali. Tommy quickly snatched the mirror out of Devon’s hand and snorted the second line, then licked the tip of his index finger and ran it over the remaining residue, rubbing it on his gums…

David Leonard

I'm an old guy with to many stories & characters swimming around in my head.

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